At CTec Sanitary, we aim to supply the best stainless steel sanitary products to companies and distributors in the beverage, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. To meet the needs of the variety of appliances and fixtures that are required in these fields, we offer a large selection of products that make it simple to assemble, maintain, and repair all different kinds of equipment.

John Perry fitting ferrules are meant to be used at the joints, or connections, between two pieces of piping and strengthens this connection. This is not necessary for all piping systems, but it certainly is for those that pump liquids at high pressures. The speed of these systems causes piping to vibrate rapidly, which will break them apart at the joints if they are not fitted with a ferrule or other similar device.

Our John Perry selection comes in a variety of different sizes and alloys, including plain short weld, threaded short weld, plain long weld, and threaded long weld ferrules. All of our fittings are resistant to rust and corruption and therefore are least likely to break.

Please feel free to browse our selection of John Perry ferrules and contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding our products, pricing, and lead time.

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