Caps & Adapters

Caps & Adapters

We at CTec Sanitary provide premier stainless steel sanitary products to companies in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as their distributors. In order to meet the demands of the various types of equipment used in these industries, we carry a wide selection of different fixtures and appliances. This makes it easy for our clients to assemble, manage, and repair piping and industrial systems.

Pipe size sanitary fittings are designed to enhance piping systems and allow them to better perform certain functions. Caps and adapters are typically used to seal off the end of a pipe or add a piece onto it, such as a thermometer. The latter usage is more important for business processes that require liquid to be a certain temperature, such as dairy production and distribution.

We carry pipe size sanitary fittings of caps and adapters in a variety of different sizes, ranging from one to four and including half sizes. Our solid end caps are designed to be resistant to corruption and breakage and all come in an alloy of 316L.

Please feel free to browse our selection of pipe size sanitary fittings and other appliances and to contact us at any time with interests or questions regarding pricing and lead time.


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