At CTec Sanitary, we provide companies in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as their distributors, with the stainless steel sanitary products that they need. Our wide selection of fittings and devices based on size and types is able to match the various needs that exist within these fields and their business processes. As such, our products make the assembly, maintenance, and repairing of pipe systems and equipment as easy as possible.

Ferrules are typically used to prevent pipes or tubes from splitting or wearing down. The joints, or connections between two pieces of piping, are usually the most vulnerable parts of a system and therefore strengthening these connections is key to preventing breakages and other catastrophic problems. Ferrules accomplish this goal well, and our selection of pipe size sanitary fittings helps you find the exact size and kind that you need.

All of our pipe size sanitary fittings, including ferrules, are designed to be resistant to corrosion and breakage and meet all industry standards for safety and efficiency. We carry a variety of ferrules, including short weld, long weld, medium weld, and heavy tank weld. Sizes range from one to four and include half sizes as well.

Please feel free to browse our selection of pipe size sanitary ferrules and contact us at any time with any questions regarding pricing, lead time, or our products in general.

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