Sanitary Clamp X Pipe Adapters

Sanitary Clamp X Pipe Adapters

CTec Sanitary is a company that supplies other companies and distributors in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries with the stainless steel sanitary products that they need for repair piping systems. Since these systems are vital to business processes, our products make it easy to assemble, repair, and maintain them. Our wide selection of different shapes and sizes for fittings and devices meet the needs of the different kinds of equipment and systems out there.

There are times when it is needed for a piping system to decrease in diameter and so a transition is necessary to go from one pipe or tube to another. Clamp X pipe adapters are needed in these scenarios and we supply a variety of different kinds in our pipe size sanitary fitting lineup. These fittings are also sometimes used to slow down liquid flow and hold the piping in place so that breakages are prevented and limited.

We have many different sizes and kinds of sanitary clamp X pipe adapters, suited to fit almost any type of system. All of our products are resistant to corrosion and damage and meet all industry standards for sanitation and safety.

Please feel free to browse our selection of pipe size sanitary fittings and clamp X pipe adapters. Contact us anytime with questions regarding our products, including pricing and lead time.

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