Caps, Clamps & Gaskets

Caps, Clamps & Gaskets

If you are a company or distributor in the beverage, dairy, food, or pharmaceutical industry and are looking for premier stainless steel sanitary products, look no further than CTec Sanitary. With our wide selection of fittings and devices in many shapes and sizes, we are able to meet the needs of all different kinds of equipment and systems. With our products, it becomes easy to assemble, maintain, and repair piping and tubing among other industrial machinery.

Among our lineup of Q-line fittings, we carry various kinds of caps, clamps, and gaskets. These types of devices are meant to enhance piping or tubing systems in order to either close them off, control liquid flow, or hold them more firmly into place. The latter of these uses in most important in high-pressure systems.

Currently, solid end caps are the premier Q-line fitting item in these categories. We offer them in many sizes, ranging from one to four and including half sizes, and alloys. These and all of our products are designed to be resistant to rust and corruption, so you can be sure that they meet all industry standards for safety and durability.

Please feel free to browse our selection of Q-line fittings, caps, clamps, and gaskets. Contact us at any time for more information about our products and regarding pricing and lead time.

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