At CTec Sanitary, we supply only the finest stainless steel sanitary products to companies and distributors, in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries. To meet the needs of various systems and equipment types, we supply our own wide selection of fittings and devices in many different shapes and sizes. This allows one to more easily assemble, maintain, and repair important piping systems and machinery.

Ferrules are a type of fitting that are placed at the joints, or connection portion, or two separate pieces of pipe or tubing. They are meant to strengthen these connections and thereby reduce the risk of breakage. This makes ferrules particularly important to ensuring businesses processes continue to run, especially in piping systems that transport liquids at high speeds and pressures.

Our selection of Q-line ferrules includes tygon hose, heave wall tank weld, long weld, and short weld models. All of these come in sizes ranging from one to four, usually including half sizes. All of our products meet industry standards for safety and durability and are designed to be resistant to all corrosion.

Please feel free to browse our selection of Q-line fitting ferrules and to contact us anytime with any questions about our products, pricing, and lead time.

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