ASTM-A270 Polished Tubing

ASTM-A270 Polished Tubing

At CTec Sanitary, we provide premier stainless steel sanitary products to companies and their distributors in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the high variance in equipment and piping systems used in these fields, we also carry a large selection of different pipes and devices. This makes it easy to assemble, install, and maintain any kind of related system.

In the aforementioned fields, many of the business processes require the usage of piping systems to transport liquids, often requiring a standard of sanitization. This includes the transport of dairy and other drinks, food products, and medicine components. To ensure that requirements are meant, these tubes are polished to make them resistant to corrosion and damage.

Our polishing tubing comes in a wide variety of sizes and alloys to match any kind of system that you are trying to assemble or maintain. All tubing is supplied in standard 20 ft. lengths, however we are also to provide other lengths, larger or smaller, for an additional cutting and packaging fee. We also can provide square tubing, both polished and unpolished, upon request. While other gauges are available upon request, most are polished to 20RA ID and 32RD OD. A prefix of C4 of the part number means the part is 304 Stainless and a prefix of C6 indicates that the part is 316L Stainless.

Please feel free to browse our selection of polishing tubing and hangers and to contact us at any time with questions regarding pricing, lead time, and customizable options.

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