ASTM-SA249/A269 Tubing

ASTM-SA249/A269 Tubing

At CTec Sanitary, we aim to supply the best stainless steel sanitary products to companies and distributors in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the high variance in different types of piping and fixtures in these fields that these companies use, we supply many different kinds of devices and tubing that makes it easy to assemble and maintain such systems. All of our products are built to last and are resistant to corrosion and damage.

In many fields, the safe and efficient transportation of liquid is vital to business processes. Therefore, a proper tubing system should be in place to ensure that all products flow as effectively as possible. Most of the time, a standard of sanitation needs to be met and this is where polished tubing is most important. Under all other circumstances, unpolished systems work best.

Our selection of tubing includes bright annealed, polished, unpolished, square, and with or without ornamental A558. All packages are in the standard size of 20 feet, however other lengths are available upon request. In the selection on this page, a prefix of C4 on the part number means that the part is 304 Stainless, and a prefix of C6 indicates that the part is 316L.

Please feel free to browse through our many tubing options and to contact us any time with questions about pricing, lead time, and customizable options.

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