We at CTEC Sanitary aim to provide companies and distributors in the beverage, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries with the stainless steel sanitary products that they need for business processes. Due to the high variance in kinds of systems and equipment used in these industries, we provide a large selection of devices and fittings to meet this demand. Our adapters and fittings make it easy and possible to assemble and maintain any kind of piping system and equipment piece.

When putting together piping systems, it may sometimes be desirable to change the diameter of the pipes. When two pieces meet at a joint, there is an opportunity to accomplish this by fitting the system with a reducer. Such a device will connect the two pieces of piping together and shrink the size of the piping. This is useful to increasing the pressure of the system and meeting a facility’s spatial requirements.

Our weld fitting reducers come in two main styles: 31W butt weld concentric and 32W butt weld eccentric. Both types are available in many different sizes and alloys. All of our products are designed to be resistant to damage and corrosion.

Please feel free to browse our selection of weld fitting reducers and to contact us anytime with questions regarding pricing, lead time, and custom orders.

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