Tees, Crosses & Wyes

Tees, Crosses & Wyes

At CTEC Sanitary, we provide premier stainless steel sanitary products to companies and distributors in the beverage, dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industries. To meet the demand for many different kinds of equipment and systems, we supply a wide selection of fittings and device that make it easy to assemble and maintain all kinds of piping systems and equipment pieces.

When putting together a piping system or rearranging one, different fittings are used at the joints between pieces to manipulate where the tubes go. Some fittings split a single pipe into two, some combine two into one, and some split a single pipe into three additional paths. In these situations, tees, crosses, and wyes respectively are what it takes to accomplish this goal.

Our selection of weld fittings include an expansive selection of tees, crosses, and wyes in many different sizes and alloys. All come in various angles and dimensions as well in order to best fit spatial requirements that a facility may have. Our weld fittings are all designed to be resistant to damage and corrosion, so they will not only be invaluable in assembling a piping system, but ensuring its success for a long time to come.

Please browse our selection of weld fitting tees, crosses, and wyes and contact us anytime with questions regarding pricing, lead time, and customized orders.

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