Properties of Elastomers

PROPERTIES: Natural Rubber Styrene Butadiene Ethylene Propylene Neoprene Nitrile Silicone Urethane Rubber Fluorocarbon Fluorosilicone
Hardness Range (Shore A) 20-90 40-90 30-90 10-95 20-95 10-85 lOA to 800 50-95 40-80
Tear Resistance Good Fair Good Good Fair Poor Excellent Fair Fair
Abrasive Resistance Excellent Good Good Excellent Good Poor Outstanding Good Good
Compression Set Good Excellent Good Fair to Good Good Fair Good Very Good Fair
Permeability to Gases Fair Fair Fair to Poor Low Fair Fair Fair Very Low Low
Dilute Fair to Good Fair to Good Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Excellent Good
Concentrated Fair to Good Fair to Good Good Good Good Fair Poor Excellent Fair
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Poor Poor Poor Good Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Fair
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Poor Poor Poor Fair Good Poor Fair to Good Excellent Fair
Oxygenated (ketones,etc.) Good Poor Good Poor Poor Fair Poor Poor Poor
Lacquer Solvents Poor Poor Good Poor Fair Poor Poor Poor Poor
Swelling in Lubricating Oil Poor Poor Poor Good Very Good Fair Excellent Excellent Good
Oil and Gasoline Poor Poor Poor Good Excellent Fair Excellent Excellent Good
Water Absorption Very Good Very Good Excellent Good Fairto Good Good Good@70F Poor@21~F Very Good Very Good
Ozone Fair Fair Excellent Excellent Fair Excellent Outstanding Excellent Excellent
Sunlight Poor Fair Very Good Very Good Poor Excellent Good Very Good Very Good
Temperature Range (degrees F) -67 to +194 -58 to +212 -58 to +302 -40 to +212 -40 to +212 -76 to +392 -13 to +212 -4 to +392 -76 to +347
Major Attributes Resilience General Purpose General Purpose Oil & Gas Resistance, Weatherabilliy Oil Resistance Heat Resistance Abrasion Resistance, Load Bearing Charactenstlcs Heat Resistant, Excellent Solvent & Chemical Resistance Low Temperature Flexibility, Fluid Resistance, Ozone Resistance

CT Precise Fitting Line

These fittings are made in accordance to ASME BPE standards, which are one of the most stringent in the industry. Cole-Tech Precise Weld Fittings are manufactured to be used with automatic orbital weld machines, giving you consistent and precision welds, each and every time. Clean welds are very important for sanitation purposes in all aspects of construction, from prefabricated custom piping, building skid systems to complete installation of a processing plant. While these fittings are manufactured around the standards of the pharmaceutical market, these fittings are widely accepted in all markets, where automatic weld practices are used and a smooth weld bead with no intrusions are required.